Eat More, Live Well: Enjoy Your Favourite Food and Boost Your Gut Health with The Diversity Diet. The Sunday Times Bestseller

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53 reviews for Eat More, Live Well: Enjoy Your Favourite Food and Boost Your Gut Health with The Diversity Diet. The Sunday Times Bestseller

  1. Paul M (verified owner)

    Probably the best “diet” book I’ve ever bought

    First off, this is not a “diet” book in the lose-weight sense of the word. There’s no calorie counting or replacing meals with shakes. Nor is it a vegan or vegetarian, or any other kind of cookbook. It’s also not written by the latest influencer jumping on the plant-based bandwagon. This is a book, written by a qualified and experienced doctor and nutritionist and is about what you eat and how it affects your body and how increasing the number of different things that you eat can improve your health. It’s not about completely cutting out meat, although the focus is on increasing the amount of plant material in your diet. It’s about giving your gut microbiome more to work with. If you want to make a formula 1 car and you only give your mechanics cast iron to make it from, you’re going to get a pretty poor performing car. If you give them carbon fibre and stuff, you can expect a much better outcome. The same is true for your body; if you give your mechanics (your gut bacteria) pizza, crisps and coke to work with, you shouldn’t be surprised if you end up with a body that’s full of fat and deficient in multiple key vitamins and minerals. But it’s easy to add more of the useful stuff with this book; just chuck in some nuts, seeds, berries, or wholegrains and your microbiome has much better material to maintain your body with. We’ve tried over half of the recipes in this book and so far there’s only been one that we probably won’t make again. The rest have been delicious which is marked difference to the other healthy eating books I’ve bought in the past and all the recipes are easily tweakable. I don’t think I’ll buy another book like this; I don’t think I need to. This book could genuinely change your life. I’m already feeling the benefits. Highly recommended.

  2. JJ (verified owner)

    Evidence-based deliciousness!

    I may be slightly biased as I work with Dr Rossi at The Gut Health Clinic, but I can honestly say that I love this book. I’m a Dietitan and I find this so inspiring – learning more about the science of the gut has improved not only my own gut health but has also helped shape and improve the way in which I work with clients. The first book was great too, and this one is just fantastic in other ways. Don’t let the word “diet” mislead you as per one of the reviews – this book is forgetting about diets as you know them and focusing on diversity. We’ve already tried several of the recipes and they’re fab. Congrats Megan! X

  3. AJC62 (verified owner)

    Accessible advice

    I received this book just a few days ago and am enjoying reading it. I made the Mediterranean hug soup today, delicious, filling, cheap and made a huge batch. Perfect for a cold January day.I have Dr Rossi’s first book and her granola has become our staple breakfast food. I’m looking forward to trying more recipes from this book. The recipes are flexible and well written.Most of all though, I can’t rate it highly enough for dispelling diet myths and fads, showing how to eat well and feel better all round. The link between the gut friendly foods and our brains, mood, immune system etc is a fascinating read.If you want to look after your health and your family’s health, treat yourself to this book. Thank you Dr Rossi, a sane voice in the mad world of diet culture.

  4. Philippa S. (verified owner)

    My 2022 wellness book

    Received my book today. It’s fantastic so many great tips and fabulous recipes. Easy to follow and makes healthy eating so easyS Can’t wait to start cooking!

  5. Paul L (verified owner)

    Gut health made simple – great book for 2022 !!

    We really loved Megan’s first book, Eat Yourself Healthy, which helped our understanding of the importance of good gut health. This new book is full of simple, helpful tips and wonderful recipes to improve our overall health. We are really enjoying it and have tried a few of the recipes already. The biggest hit so far has been the prebiotic rocky road which is absolutely delicious. Thanks Dr Megan for creating this book and educating us about gut health !

  6. Lesley C. (verified owner)

    It’s here!!!!!

    I was lucky enough to have Dr Megan as my dietician and also have Eat Yourself Healthy. This book as with the first one are packed with science, trustworthy information and recipes that will help with my sensitive tummy! Never been a better time to invest in your gut health! We love Megan!!

  7. lisaj (verified owner)

    Shame it has the word “Diet” in the titles

    I love Dr Rossi and have her first book, this one is also really good. However, I know it sounds silly but I really wish it didn’t have the word Diet in the titles as it always makes me think I’m on a diet regime and these books are supposed to be Anti Diet aren’t they? So a bit put off by this book being touted as a diet…..

  8. Jane K (verified owner)

    Fantastic info for gut health newbies, as well as inspiration for everyone

    This is a great book. I’m very pleased I bought it. If you are totally new to gut health science, this is a very accessible way to get up to speed. If you’re not new to it, it’s a very accessible tool for applying the science in your daily life. Just under half the book is info, all of it very interesting, and the rest is recipes. The info section covers gut health, the importance of fibre and diversity, what the microbiota does for us in terms of physical and mental health, and lots of tips for plant-centred (not vegan) eating – including for those with sensitive guts.The recipes are inspiring but simple and not comprised of huge lists of ingredients. A number of them, like the stirfries and soup, work as blueprints for whatever you have in the fridge. I particularly like the sweet treats recipes, as I don’t tend to struggle to come up with nutritious veg-centred mains, but definitely struggle when it comes to making sure my kids have nutritious snacks that they will actually want to eat. The raspberry and white choc muffins and the cookie dough drops have each been a hit, and I’m looking forward to trying the prebiotic rocky road.

  9. Tina Burns. (verified owner)

    Fantastic Educational Book

    Received my copy today and am already on Chapter 5. Dr Megan Rossi is an expert in her field and although the book is packed with information regarding gut health it’s not overpowering or difficult to understand the evidence based science behind it. I’ve been researching more about health & nutrition, especially areas regarding gut health and after following Dr Rossi on Instagram and listening to her on various podcasts I’m beginning to gain a good understanding on the basics of why we need to implement more plant-based foods to improve our gut health and all round well-being. This new book is packed with everything from how our Gut Microbes work, how it can enhance our immune system, to Weekly Food Plans and Tasty Recipes. A fantastic read and one I can highly recommend.

  10. Haley Jacobs (verified owner)

    My gut loves it already!

    After Dr Megan’s first book I had to get this and am SO glad I did. It only arrived this morning and I was able to make these healthy muffins with no sugar and snuck in vegetables. They are so good! My boyfriend devoured them. No fancy ingredients had everything in my cupboard.Also the gut-immune information is FASCINATING and there is plenty of simple tricks to boost it, along with the gut-hormone and gut-skin connection too. A must read if you ask me! Buying one for my sister.

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